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al-Iḥkām fī uṣūl al-aḥkām

al-Āmidī, ʿAlī ibn Abī ʿAlī, after 1155‒1233

This book is on Islamic jurisprudential principles. The author covered most issues of this science. He discussed four main topics. The first one is the definition of the science of jurisprudential principles and its foundations. The second topic discussed the validity of the narrated legal evidence and its different types. The third topic covered the cases of the innovative jurists (muǧtahidūn) an... more

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قطفات في شرح الورقات لأبي المعالي عبد الملك بن عبد الله يوسف بن محمد الجويني (478هـ.)

العدني، كمال بن ثابت

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