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al-Zawāǧir ʿan iqtirāf al-kabāʾir

Ibn Ḥaǧar al-Haytamī, Aḥmad ibn Muḥammad, 1503‒1566

It is a preach book in which the author mentions the different definitions of sin and the discussions of theologians about it. He divided his book into two parts: in the first part he focused on the internal sins and in the second part he mentions the external sins. The book is ordered according to the Šāfiʿite books. In the conclusion he talks about the virtues of repentance and describes the hel... more

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مرشد الطلاب في الوعظ والإرشاد

المليباري، زين الدين بن علي، 1468‒1522

before 1522 before 928 Single work   ➥ Early work

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