Partially commented in  فتح المقفلات لما تضمنه نظم الحرز والدرة من القراءات, 19th century  | 2


Ḥirz al-amānī wa-waǧh al-tahānī

al-Šāṭibī, al-Qāsim ibn Fīrruh, 1143‒1194

This book is a poem of 1173 verses, that illustrates Qurʾān recitations. It documents the rules of seven Qurʾān recitations out of the ten authentically adopted Qurʾān recitations. It was worldly perceived with well acceptance and massive concern. Muslim scholars were keen on explaining its content and symbols. Reciters have mostly regarded it as the base of learning Qurʾān recitations, therefore... more

6th century 12th century Single work   ➥ Early work : Editions | 6

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al-Durra al-muḍiyya fī al-qirāʾāt al-ṯalāṯ al-marḍiyya

Ibn al-Ǧazarī, Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad, 1350‒1429

An educational poem on the three readings which complement the ten readings of Qurʾān.

823 1420 Single work   ➥ Early work : Editions | 4

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