Analysis of  [المسألة التي ذكرها الشيخ أبو الوليد في فصل المقال], 12th century ( 6th century hegirian )  | 2


Philosophie und Theologie von Averroes

Müller, Marcus Joseph, died 1874

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Relation as key to God's knowledge of particulars in the Tahāfut al-tahāfut and the Ḍamīma

Brenet, Jean-Baptiste, 1972‒

This article deals with the divine knowledge of particulars in Averroes’ Tahāfut al-tahāfut and Ḍamīma. It examines how the concept of relation, generally neglected, is at the heart of the dispute between Avicenna, al-Ġazālī, and the Commentator. In al-Ġazālī’s eyes, Avicenna's misconception of divine knowledge “in a universal way” is based on a misuse of relation in the case of God's knowledge. I... more

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