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Šarḥ ʿUqūd rasm al-mufti


Date of creation
  • 1243   Hegirian
    1827   Gregorian
Place of origin
  • Damascus
Preferred title

Šarḥ ʿUqūd rasm al-mufti   Arabic  IDEO-IFAO transliteration scheme

شرح عقود رسم المفتي   Arabic  

Variant title work
  • Nafaḥāt al-Muʿṭī ʿalā ṣarḥ ʿUqūd rasm al-muftī   Arabic  IDEO-IFAO transliteration scheme
  • نفحات المعطي على شرح عقود رسم المفتي   Arabic  
Work type Single work
Juridic work Legal work
Work manifested Early work
Work genre Textual work

Adult, serious


هذا العمل في علم "رسم المفتي" وهو علم مركّب من عدة علوم؛ إذ يستمد من علم أصول الفقه، وعلم الطبقات، وعلم الآداب. ويُبنَى العلم على قواعد وأصول وضعها علماء المذهب لبيان كيفية الوصول للقول الراجح في المسألة على مقتضى المذهب. ومقصود علم رسم المفتي صيانةُ المفتي عن الخطأ في فتواه.


This work is classified under the discipline of rasm al-muftī, and hence the title. Rasm al-mufti is a multidisciplinary field comprised of the principles of jurisprudence, practical ethics; and ṭabaqāt, a genre of biographical works arranged according to generation. The discipline of rasm al-muftī is based on principles and regulations established by the scholars of the doctrine in order to guide the muftī toward concluding the most probable opinion of the question which raised up to him, according to the rules of the doctrine. The purpose of this discipline is to protect the muftī from making errors in his fatwā, i.e., the religious answer to the question which raised up to him and requires his religious answer.



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