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The ‘Uqūd Rasm Al-Muftī of Ibn ‘Ābidīn


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  • 2000   Gregorian
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The ‘Uqūd Rasm Al-Muftī of Ibn ‘Ābidīn   English  

Work type Single work
Non-literary work Festschrift (scientific)
Work manifested Monograph
Work genre Textual work

Adult, serious


John Dryden's ‘Religio laid’, a defence in rhyming couplets of English Protestantism, is not an obvious point of departure for this study of a Muslim poem about juristic authority. There is value however in the comparison for the contrasts that emerge. Dryden's poem first defends Christianity against an Enlightenment Deism, and then situates English Protestantism between the two extremes of Papism and ‘the private spirit’ (‘Occasioned by great zeal and little thought’). Ibn ‘Ābidīn's ‘Chaplets on the mufti's task’, written in the nineteenth century, is a highly condensed version of a conventional academic work of the type sometimes called ‘manuals for muftis’ or adab al-muftī. It aims to inform the professional mufti and the educated jurist of a methodology for the discovery of a rule of law. It speaks of secure authority; very different from the challenged, if triumphant, authority of English Protestantism in the seventeenth century.

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