A practical guide to Islamic monuments in Cairo

  • Islamic monuments in Cairo: the practical guide
Work type Aggregating work
Non-literary work Historical work


  • Gregorian 1974

Cairo's Islamic monuments are part of an uninterrupted tradition that spans over a thousand years of building activity. No other Islamic city can equal Cairo's spectacular heritage, nor trace its historical and architectural development with such clarity. The discovery of this historic core, first visually by nineteenth-century western artists then intellectually by twentieth-century Islamic art specialists, now awaits the delight of the general visitor (...)

Nature of content

"A practical guide to Islamic monuments in Cairo" by Richard Parker and Robin Sabin was first published in 1974, and was published in a second edition in 1981. The third edition, revised and enlarged by Caroline Williams, was published as "Islamic monuments in Cairo: a practical guide" in 1985.

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