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The feast of the desert of Apa Shenoute

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  • 2020   Gregorian
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The feast of the desert of Apa Shenoute   English  

Work type Single work
Non-literary work Historical work
Work manifested Monograph
Work genre Textual work

Adult, serious


An edition and translation of a trilingual manuscript recording the rite of a medieval liturgical procession at the White Monastery (Dayr al-Anba Shinudah) in Upper Egypt, accompanied by two introductions. Primarily in Coptic, with selected sections in Greek and Arabic, the original text is preserved in the Bibliothèque nationale in Paris (BN Copte 68), and it includes rubrics of biblical passages and a sermon by Shenoute meant to be read at different points during the procession. The first introduction situates the manuscript in relation to the history, archaeology, and ritual practice of the monastery. The second introduction provides a technical description of the manuscript and of the editorial methods used in producing the edition. The introductions, edition, and translation are supplemented by tables with selected images, an index of biblical citations, and a bibliography.

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