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al-Tawḥīd wa-iṯbāt ṣifāt al-Rabb ʿazza wa-ǧall


Date of creation
  • Before 311   Hegirian
    Before 923   Gregorian
Preferred title

al-Tawḥīd wa-iṯbāt ṣifāt al-Rabb ʿazza wa-ǧall   Arabic  IDEO-IFAO transliteration scheme

التوحيد وإثبات صفات الرب عز وجل   Arabic  

Variant title work
  • Kitāb al-tawḥīd wa-iṯbāt al-ṣifāt   Arabic  IDEO-IFAO transliteration scheme
  • al-Tawḥīd wa-iṯbāt ṣifāt al-Rabb   Arabic  IDEO-IFAO transliteration scheme
Work type Single work
Religious work Religious work (علم الكلام والعقيدة)
Work manifested Early work
Work genre Textual work

Adult, serious

Nature of content

علم الكلام والعقيدة


يهتم هذا الكتاب بإثبات صفات الله عز وجل التى وصف بها نفسه فى كتابه الكريم، والتى وردت على لسان نبيه محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم ونقلها عنه جمع عن جمع من الثقات العدول، من غير قطع فى الإسناد ولا جرح فى ناقلى اﻷخبار.


This book is to prove the attributes of Allah Almighty described by Him in the Holy Qurʾān, and were narrated by His Prophet, Peace be upon him, and were transmitted by a number of trustworthy righteous people, without breaking chains of transmission or having defaults in transmitters.



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