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Responses to 101 questions on the Bible


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  • 1990   Gregorian
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Responses to 101 questions on the Bible   French  

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In his long career of lecturing on the Bible, Father Raymond Brown may have appeared before a thousand different audiences, and in the question-and-answer periods that followed he may have responded to ten thousand queries. Over a period of time he noticed how the same questions repeated themselves. For this book he has chosen 101 of the most commonly asked questions on the Bible. The questions cover a wide range of subjects: various translations of the Bible, reasons for reading the Bible, the inspiration and historicity of the Bible, miracles, the resurrection of Jesus, the virginal conception, what Jesus knew, the founding of the church, evidence for the sacraments, the structure of the early church, the role of Peter, and more. All people who have read and reflected on the Bible will fine questions here they have wanted to ask, along with the concise responses of a noted biblical scholar.

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