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Kitāb al-murāqaba wa-l-muḥāsaba

Part of
Number of part

Kitāb 38


Date of creation
  • 12th century   Gregorian
Preferred title

Kitāb al-murāqaba wa-l-muḥāsaba   Arabic  IDEO-IFAO transliteration scheme

كتاب المراقبة و المحاسبة   Arabic  

Work type Single work
Work manifested Early work
Work genre Textual work

Adult, general


Al-Ghazali on Vigilance and Self-examination is the thirty-eighth chapter of the Revival of the Religious Sciences and follows on from Al-Ghazali on Intention, Sincerity & Truthfulness. Here Ghazali focuses on the different stations of steadfastness in religion (murabata), vigilance and self-examination being its cornerstones. As in all his writings, Ghazali bases his arguments on the Qur’an, the example of the Prophet and the sayings of numerous scholars and Sufis.


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