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Manhaǧ al-ṭullāb


Date of creation
  • 10th century   Hegirian
    16th century   Gregorian
Preferred title

Manhaǧ al-ṭullāb   Arabic  IDEO-IFAO transliteration scheme

منهج الطلاب   Arabic  

Variant title work
  • Manhaǧ al-ṭullāb fī fiqh al-imām al-Šāfiʿī   Arabic  IDEO-IFAO transliteration scheme
  • منهج الطلاب في فقه الإمام الشافعي   Arabic  
Work type Single work
Juridic work Law reports and digests (في الفقه الشافعي)
Work manifested Early work
Work genre Textual work

Adult, serious

Diamond   W 114739

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