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Post-Avicennan physics in the medical commentaries of the Mamluk period

Recent work has shown that Islamicate philosophers engaged meaningfully with Ibn Sīnā’s transformation of Aristotelian physics, particularly his new understanding of motion at an instant and his new category of positional motion. Although Ibn Sīnā considered medicine a derivative science of physics, little work has been done to determine the impact of the new Avicennan physics on medicine. In this... more

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Science and religion in Mamluk Egypt

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The virtuous son of the rational : a traditionalist's response to the falāsifa

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Womb heat versus sperm heat: Hippocrates against Galen and Ibn Sīnā in Ibn al-Nafīs’s Commentaries

Ibn al-Nafīs composed lemmatic commentaries on Hippocrates’ Aphorisms and Ibn Sīnā’s entire Canon of Medicine. While he regularly challenges, critiques and refutes Ibn Sīnā’s positions in his Commentary on the Canon, Ibn al-Nafīs generally upholds the validity of each Hippocratic aphorism. This suggests that he considered Hippocrates the supreme authority in medicine over Ibn Sīnā (and even Galen)... more

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