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Arabic and bilingual newspapers and magazines in Latin America and the Caribbean

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The changing fates of the Cambodian Islamic manuscript tradition

Predominantly Buddhist Cambodia is home to a distinctive Islamic manuscript tradition, introduced into the country by Cham settlers from Champa in present-day Vietnam, and further developed in the Khmer kingdom. Commonly written in Cham script (akhar srak) or in a combination of the latter and Arabic, it has largely fallen into disuse among the majority of Cambodian Muslims since the mid-19th cent... more

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Persian kings, Arab conquerors, and Malay Islam

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Phnom Penh's Fethullah Gülen School as an Alternative to Prevalent Forms of Education for Cambodia's Muslim Minority

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Phnom Penh’s Fethullah Gülen School as an alternative to prevalent forms of education for Cambodia’s Muslim Minority

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Salafī challenge and Māturīdī response

Salafī refutations of Sunnī kalām have long been focused almost exclusively on the Ashʿariyya. In recent decades, however, Salafī authors and activists have also turned their attention towards the Māturīdī current, which has been historically predominant in those parts of the Muslim world dominated by the Ḥanafī madhhab. In the present article, the characteristics of the Salafī challenge to the Mā... more

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The šarḥ/ḥāšiya phenomenon in Southeast Asia

Umm al-barāhīn, the Ašʿarī creed by Abū ʿAbd Allāh al-Sanūsī (d. 895/1490), is one of the most frequently commented ʿaqīdas in Muslim tradition. Commentaries, glosses and commentated translations of the text have, however, hitherto received only scant attention. In Southeast Asia, the Umm al-barāhīn appears to have—through the intermediary of Malay and Javanese commentaries and commentated transla... more

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