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Administrative stability and change in late-17th-century Iran : the case of shaykh ʿAli Khan Zanganah (1669-89)

1994 Single work   ➥ Article : Editions | 1

Between Arabs, Turks and Iranians: the town of Basra, 1600–1700

Early modern Basra is often portrayed as the end of an Ottoman chain of command that grew successively weaker as it stretched from Istanbul to the Persian Gulf. This article complicates the picture of an imperial outpost over which the metropole was unable to impose effective control by discussing seventeenth-century Basra as the point of convergence of various regional and trans-regional spheres ... more

2006 Single work   ➥ Article : Editions | 1

The Egyptian Opposition on the Iranian Revolution

1986? Single work   ➥ Article : Editions | 1

Jamal al-Din al-Afghani and the Egyptian national debate

1989 Single work   ➥ Article : Editions | 1

The politics of protection. Iberian missionaries in Safavid Iran under Shāh ʿAbbās I (1587-1629)

2010? Single work   ➥ Article : Editions | 1

Safavid Iran and the Christian missionary experience

This essay examines the relationship between the Safavid ruling elite and the representatives of Christianity residing in Isfahan in the 17th century, with a focus on the small but influential group of Catholic missionaries active in the Safavid capital at the time. The relationship between the two was marked by ambiguity and ambivalence. Refutation and rejection on the part of the dominant cultur... more

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