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Deviser les merveilles du monde

Ibn Baṭṭūṭa, « the traveler of Islam », gave an account of his journeys in his masterpiece known as the Riḥla. That is common knowledge. Yet, a close study of the work’s context of production leads to reevaluate the usual reading that was associated to it since at least the early modern period. The Tuḥfat al-nuẓẓār fī ġarāʾib al-amṣār wa-ʿaǧāʾib al-asfār, genuine title of the book, with a co-autho... more

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Royal pilgrims from Takrūr according to ʿAbd al-Qādir al-Jazīrī (12th–16th century)

This piece is a presentation and a translation of al-Jazīrī’s al-Durar al-farāʾiḍ chapter on the royal pilgrims from Takrūr. This chapter presents notably an entirely new account on the pilgrimage of Idrīs b. ʿAlī, greatest sultan of Borno. The Cairene Sufi historian al-Jazīrī was at the time heading the office administrating the pilgrimage to Mecca. He was then at the center of the information tr... more

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Le Touat dans la globalité médiévale : itinéraire d’une cargaison de cuivre du royaume de Hongrie au sultanat du Mālī (1407-08)

The Datini collection in the archives of Prato in Tuscany, through its correspondence and account books, sheds light on the circulation of shipments of copper mined in the kingdom of Hungary, transported to Venice, and shipped to northern Africa via Mallorca, then to sub-Saharan Africa via the Touat, around 1400. The rich content of the correspondence exchanged between various subsidiaries of the ... more

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Le sultanat du Mālī

Entre le VIIIe et le XVe siècle ont existé au Sahel nombre de villes-marchés, de cité-États, de royaumes et de sultanats. La plus célèbre et la mieux documentée de ces formations politiques est le sultanat du Mali (XIIIe-XVe siècle). S’y rapportent tant l’épopée de Sunjata, texte monument de la tradition orale, que la « charte du Manden », parfois présentée comme la première déclaration des droits... more

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