Expressions by al-Sāmarrāʾī, Qāsim Aḥmad, 1935‒  as revision | 1

Kitāb Nāṣir al-dīn ʿalā ʾl-qawm al-kāfirīn : (The Supporter of religion against the infidels)

Aḥmad ibn Qāsim al-Ḥajarī (d. after 1640), general introduction, critical edition and annotated translation, re-edited, revised, and updated in the light of recent publications and the primitive version found in the hitherto unknown manuscript preserved in al-Azhar by P.S. van Koningsveld, Q. al-Samarrai and G.A. Wiegers

Madrid : Consejo superior de investigaciones científicas (CSIC), 2015 ([Madrid] : Dagaz Gráfica, s.l.u., 2015)

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